We offer 100% naturally raised, grass-fed lamb to local consumers in the Sacramento, Amador and El Dorado county areas. Our livestock is raised on our ranch where they graze freely for their entire lives. They never receive grain, growth hormones, or antibiotics.


The process for lamb:

Step 1  

Let us know you'd like to purchase one of our lambs. You can contact us two ways:

    email: darkhorseranch1253@gmail.com

    phone: 916-761-4437

Each animal yields approximately 60lbs of meat.

Step 2  

We arrange the slaughter, which will take place at our ranch. The carcass is then taken to our local, full service butcher.

Step 3  

Within a day or two of the slaughter, call the butcher (Swingles Meat Co. 209-223-0731) with your cutting instructions. They cut, they wrap, and they freeze your meat. You can pick it up when it's ready.



   $5.00 per pound

    $70 butchering, cutting, and wrapping the entire animal